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Freestyle Concepts

Here is a list of concepts not included in the ADD system


Symposium is a Body concept that only applies to Dexterities. However, not all dexes are elligible for the symposium ADD. This is due to the fact that in some moves, the leg that does the dex, is also the one that does the delay. When a move that cannot be symposium is done in a symposium style, it's called symple. Dexes that can be symposium can also be done in a symple style, but symple never receives an ADD.

The [Butterfly] is also never symposium, only symple.


A far Dexterity occurs as set from a cross body position, or a spin, to the opposite side of the body. All Paradox moves involve a far dexterity.


"Stomping" is a concept that involves planting both feet at once after setting the footbag, then executing the desired move. An example of this would be a "Stomping double leg-over" (Set -> Stomp -> Double leg-over).


Rooted is when a move is ended with the delaying foot planted. Rooting is when a set is begun with the bag stalled on the foot that's on the ground.


Waxing is when extra steps are putting into moves.

Crispy and Original

Crispy is a concept used to describe a move using an uptime set, that Originaly does not use an uptime set.for example, a cripsy [eggbeater] would be an atomic legover

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