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This add involves a leg passing through the trajectory of a footbag while it is in the air, in such a way as to "circle" the footbag, or otherwise deliberately cross over the path of the footbag.

There are several different types of dexterities, differentiated by type, timing, and by some body components.

The dexterity add is often abbreviated as "dex" (pl. "dexes"). The word "dex" may also be used as a verb for brevity, e.g., "You then dex the bag with your setting foot, from in to out...", but this usage is not as common.

Dexterity Types

As in many aspects of freestyle, dexterity types are defined in terms of basic, or prototypical moves that exhibit the particular style of dexterity. In general, such prototypical moves are the ones that are done "down-time" or "mid-time" (aka "hang-time").

Here are the 10 commonly-accepted prototypical moves that demonstrate the basic dexterity types:

  1. Around the World (ATW)
  2. Mirage
  3. Illusion
  4. Pickup
  5. Legover
  6. Whirl
  7. Reverse Whirl
  8. Swirl
  9. Reverse Swirl
  10. Butterfly

Timing Of Dexterities

Dexterities can be performed at any of three different times during a move:

while the footbag is going upwards in its parabolic motion.
when the footbag is at the apex of its parabolic motion.
while the footbag is falling in the final phase of its parabolic motion.

Body Concepts

There are some Body concepts that only apply to dexterities. They include Symposium, Xdex and Paradox.

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