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This ADD is awarded when you circle of cross the footbag with your leg. The different dexterities are defined by type, timing, and by some body components. Dexterity is often summerized as dex, and dexterities as dexes. Dex is also used as a verb.

Types Of Dexterities

Types of Dexes can be divided into 10 types. These are the names of those dexes when preformed hangimte or downtime.

  1. Around the World ATW
  2. Mirage
  3. Illusion
  4. Pickup
  5. Legover
  6. Whirl
  7. Reverse Whirl
  8. Swirl
  9. Reverse Swirl
  10. Butterfly

Timing Of Dexterities

There are three different timings to in which to preform dexes, or other move components.

while the bag is going up
while the bag stops going up and starts going down
while the bag is going down

Body Concepts

There are some Body concepts that only apply to dexterities. They include Symposium, Xdex and Paradox.

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