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Delays are awarded to any move in which you catch (stall/delay) the footbag on either your foot or part of your leg.

Basic Stalls

The basic stalls that lay at the foundations of most major freestylers are the toe, inside, and clipper stalls.

Other Common Stalls

Some other widely known stalls include outside and knee stalls.

Unusual Stalls

These are stalls that don't involve the toe, inside, outside, or knee/thigh. They include the sole, flapper, calf, and pincher stalls.

Stalls vs Delays

  1. Why have the word stall after a move?
  • Well, for a name like toe that would normaly describe a kick or a stall, the word stall is necessary.
  1. Why two names for the same concept?
  • Because although the concept is the same, there is a difference.
  1. Whats the difference?
  • A stall is normaly used to describe a catch that lasts with a noticable pause. A Delay better describes the moment between freestyle moves, when there is barely a pause at all.

Xain 15:40, 8 August 2006 (PDT)

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