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This section is where you can find information for certain administrative functions, or how-to guides for various things you may need to do as a volunteer or administrator on (If you are an administrator or have direct experience with certain features on, please feel free to document them here as well. Just follow the style of the ones you find and link them in to this page.)

Administration Guides

  • Localization and/or Translation - for "localization" administrators only, these are instructions for translating (aka "localizing") functionality and even certain user-generated content on
  • Managing Clubs - for "club" administrators only, these are instructions for managing club listings (including reactivating dead clubs, fixing common problems with club listings, etc.)
  • Tournament Registration - for "registration" administrators only, these are instructions for setting up and managing tournament registration using the IFPA registration system, including policies and requirements for organizers requesting registration services.
  • etc...


etc... more coming some day. :-)

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