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An ADD is a recognizable additional degree of difficulty. There are currently five different ADD categories for singles freestyle, and two additional categories for doubles freestyle.

Delay [del]

A delay is an additional degree of difficulty when catching (stalling/delaying) the footbag on any foot or leg surface.
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Dexterity [dex]

A dexterity is the additional degree of difficulty when one leg intersects the trajectory of the footbag, either circling or crossing the path of the footbag while it is travelling up or down (between catches or kicks).
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Unusual Surface [uns]

This add category represents the additional degree of difficulty of using any surface of the body to kick or stall the footbag besides the toes, insides, outsides and knees.
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Body [bod]

This add category represents the additional degree of difficulty when a spin, jump, duck, or double-hip-pivot (paradox is required to execute the move.
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Cross Body [xbd]

This is the additional difficulty required to execute a kick or delay on the opposite side of your body (essentially with crossed legs).
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Uses for ADDs

Add Uses include scoring/judging Competitive Freestyle, determining move difficulty, and defining moves for categorization and naming.

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