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Ben, I'm surprised I missed this when I first laid out the top-level page. Of course 4-square is the bomb and we should have it here.

Is it okay with you if I completely rework what you have? I don't really like the "how to make a professional 4-square court" video just because it's silly and doesn't really tell anyone anything they need to know. Maybe this year at Todexon I'll get someone to film me doing it better. :-)

But for now, I don't know if you realize I have a full 4-square section in the FAQ which I want to make into official rules in the rule book, etc. Joe Crain's version had tons of misspellings and after he and I met and conferred on rule changes (now quite a long time ago) my version on is probably more up to date.

The nice thing about the FAQ is that it's all translateable (and translated currently into several languages -- which the Wiki isn't yet set up for and will be quite complicated so I think we'll leave the actual rules in the FAQ for now, and then move them to the rulebook which is also translateable once we get them into the rules).

So what I'll probably do without your objection is restate the rules on this page at a high level, referring constantly to the relevant part of the FAQ and then add 2-square as well.

What do you think?


For the record

I could swear I put a 4 square page in here! Maybe that was in one of the original incantations of the wiki that got wiped out . . . oh well.

Ben's response

Steve, go nuts. Add whatever you want, you are probably the foremost expert on the game right now. I couldn't find anything so I felt obilgated to add SOMETHING--Ironcladben 08:54, 12 February 2007 (PST)

Dec. 20

chris:Hey steve, sorry I didnt read the discussion before I started to make changes. Let me know if my changes don't meet the cut/ fit with your plans.

steve:Already added the FAQ. Not sure I have time for any more. Anything you want to do is appreciated; just try not to duplicate effort. We can move it all to the Wiki, but the FAQ is already translateable. I think it's the better place for now. Anyone can edit the FAQ page as well, if they have permission. You just have to ask if you want to edit it, but it's harder to track changes, and once you change it, translators basically have to re-translate the whole thing.

chris: I just looked at the FAQ page, and it looks great. I'm basically going to copy and paste it into the wiki.

steve: Well -- the problem with copy/pasting into the wiki is that you lose the ability to translate it (easily). I'll add translation to the wiki but not until sometime next summer. Why do you not just want to use what I have on the FAQ?

chris: I was thinking that it would be good to include all information within the wiki when possible, so that changes can be made by anyone, without anyone having to ask. But after looking at how much formatting work I would have to do, I've decided to make the less-work choice. Since the FAQ is accurate, and I'm not going to make any changes(now), linking to the FAQ is the better/easier choice.

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