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IFPA Newsletter - October, 2020

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Welcome to the IFPA Newsletter for October, 2020.

It's the spooky season with Halloween coming up. Derek Littlefield has organised a great competition, the Spooky Shred Off. This follows on from the "Shred Off" event introduced at the World Footbag Championships. The pandemic situation across the world has meant only a few events have been able to happen, however lots of photos and videos around the world show there is plenty of footbag action happening.

There are some national championships coming up, with some countries choosing to go online and other areas able to have small events.

Daniel Boyle Education Director IFPA

Upcoming Events

This section will cover a variety of jams and tournaments around the world, taken from the events page on as well as other channels such as the Modified footbag forum as well as various social media platforms.

Until Halloween - Spooky Shred Off

As mentioned above, the Spooky Shred Off is moving into the final stages. Lots of prizes on offer.

Until October 31 - Japanese Footbag Championships (online, only for players living in Japan.)

The best players in Japan are battling it out online. Many of the Japanese players post regularly on Twitter, you can see some of the entries here.

November 14-15 - Polish Footbag Championships

For the 20th time, the Polish footbag championships. This event will happen in Warsaw with both freestyle and net available. There was recently a jam in Warsaw involving freestyle footbag and freestyle football so hopefully the competitors are in great form!

December - Medellin

There will be an event for freestyle and net in December in Medellin, Colombia. More details to come.

Recent Events

Warswaw Jam Marius Wilk took out request at a small jam in Warsaw.

Mini Kick Volley

Mini Kick Volley #13. A great event for the net scene in Montreal. A fun event in the park using mini nets. The link will lead you to a 5 minute video showing the action.

Footbag in the News

Taishi on TV. Remember we still have access to this great documentary about Taishi. Taishi Ishida has been a wonder with his promotion of footbag in Japan. He will be appearing on NHK Japan for a longform show about his time in the World Footbag Championships.

Paloma has been making waves in Spain, with the release of a documentary All I Need is a Ball.


There is a new Executive Director of the IFPA. Please welcome Arthur Ledain to the position. Huge thanks to Wiktor Debski for all his work over the past nine years. Matt Kemmer also joins the board as Rules Director.

Keep Kicking! Daniel Boyle Education Director

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