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IFPA Newsletter - November, 2020

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Welcome to the IFPA Newsletter for November, 2020.

We are starting to see some in person events coming back into action as life in some places begins to come back to some sense of normal after a wild year. The online format was also used for the Japanese Footbag Championships. We also have some big news on Quantum Footbag Shoes, as well as some less pleasant news about members of the footbag community passing away.

Daniel Boyle Education Director IFPA

Upcoming Events

This section will cover a variety of jams and tournaments around the world, taken from the events page on as well as other channels such as the Modified footbag forum as well as various social media platforms.

December 12-13 - Medejam

Things going to plan, we might have all celebrated a famous World Championships in Medellin, Colombia. It wasn't to be this year, however the footbag community there has been keeping strong, with new members joining. The annual Medejam will be held with events for freestyle and net.

December 19-20 - Finnish Footbag Open

The 24th edition of the Finnish Footbag Open (FFO). The FFO is one of the longest running events in Footbag, and the Finns return to the T��l� Sports Hall for action in net and freestyle.

Recent Events

As mentioned, the Japanese Footbag Championships were held with the online format. You can see some of the entries under the #JFC2020 hashtag on Instagram.

In Poland, Pawel Rozek was the start in Singles and Doubles Net. Not content with just making incredible videos, he won both the Singles and Doubles events. Damian Gielnicki had a strong performance in freestyle, winning the Circle contest as well as the Overall championship. Full results

From a little earlier in the year, you can find the East Coast Footbag Championship results that event was held in September in the USA.

Footbag in the News

Spanish players and PSergio and Paloma making headlines for their performances in the online World Championships.

Paloma has had a number of articles about her appearance in the film All I Need Is a Ball. She is regularly referred to as a "footbag champion".

Taishi on TV. A reminder this longform program looking at Taishi Ishida in Japan is still available. It was originally only planned to be on for one month, but the channel were happy to allow the footbag community longer to see the program.

Unfortunately the footbag community has lost a couple of its members in recent times. The tributes were flowing for "Rippin" Rick Reese, one of the all time greats of the game. Many of the freestyle moves we do today started with his feet.

We also lost Larry Workman from the community. Larry was an enthusiastic supporter of the game and often reached out online to many players.

We hope that their friends and family have plenty of support in these times.

As we come to the end of the year, I hope we can kick together sometime next year.

Keep Kicking! Daniel Boyle Education Director

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