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IFPA Newsletter - August, 2020

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Welcome to the IFPA Newsletter for August, 2020.

There has been a great amount of footbag activity, with the first ever online version of a World Footbag Championships for Freestyle Footbag. You can see Footbag Online for more details.

Full results can be seen here. Big thanks to everyone involved in organising, and a particular shoutout to Sergio Garcia and Mathieu Gauthier, who both were heavily involved in the organising and put in strong performances in the competition as well.

Big thanks to everyone that competed, organised or watched. The online format gave great opportunity to many people and we hope to see more similar contests in the future.

Daniel Boyle Education Director IFPA

Upcoming Events

This section will cover a variety of jams and tournaments around the world, taken from the events page on as well as other channels such as the Modified footbag forum as well as various social media platforms.

August 8 - Czech Footbag Championships

We had a variety of Czech stars aiming for the title in the online tournament, with Honza Weber taking the title in Routines and Dominik Simku winning the "Shred Off" event. The Czechs have an event with both Net and Freestyle action.

August 7-9 - Bembel Cup

The long running Bembel Cup returns to Frankfurt. It's often an event that happens just before Worlds. In this case, it will be a smaller event, mainly focused on Doubles Net but still sounds like a great time.

September 12-13 - East Coast Footbag Championships

Another traditional event will be happening, a little smaller than usual. Rather than a big city event, it will be held in a rural area - which has plenty of footbag tradition behind it.

The 38th Annual East Coast Footbag Championships, presented by the New York Footbag Association, is hitting the road this year. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and in keeping players' health and safety in mind, this year's event is moving from New York City to rural central Pennsylvania. This will be a camping style event. The event and the accommodations will be at Joe and Brenda Solonoski's place. For those that don't know Joe and Brenda, they directed the Funtastik Summer Classic footbag tournament for 25 years. Joe and Brenda's town has had no COVID-19 cases and their large property is conducive to a socially distanced, outdoor event.

September 19 - Japanese Footbag Championships

Another longstanding event and a great chance for the Japanese players to build on their awesome efforts from the online Worlds tournament.

October 24-25 - Swiss Footbag Open

New dates for the Swiss Footbag Open. This is a bit later in the year, so we will bring this up closer to the date.

Recent Events

The online Worlds was the main event, and results can be seen in the link above.

The Routines finals can be seen here

Special mention to a few players

Honza Weber - First time competing since his three-peat between 2011-2013, and a gold medal in Routines. Dominik Simku - Wow! His performance in the Shred Off event completely obliterated all opposition. Excellent combos of high difficulty. Ken Somolinos - He has competed in the 90s, 2000s, 2010s and now 2020s and this event may just have been his best. Silver medal in Shred Off and bronze in Routines. All players from Japan, China, Colombia, Venezuela - a whole lot of new players really pushing their level in the sport. The online format gave a great opportunity to some who are not able to attend competitions in person, it was great to see some new faces.

Footbag in the News

Colombian players on TV The H13N has had a number of articles about players from Colombia, particularly Medellin on their news items. It was great to see so many different players representing Latin America in the tournament.

Taishi on TV. Taishi Ishida has been a wonder with his promotion of footbag in Japan. He will be appearing on NHK Japan for a longform show about his time in the World Footbag Championships.

Fine Play in Japan. Japan's "La Classic" combo are highlighted for their Doubles performance. The vibe Yushi and Yu-J brought to the tournament was just wonderful - can't wait to see more from each of them.


There is a new Executive Director of the IFPA. Please welcome Arthur Ledain to the position. Huge thanks to Wiktor Debski for all his work over the past nine years. Matt Kemmer also joins the board as Rules Director.

I hope everyone can build on the World Footbag Championships. Something I recommend to try is contact your local newspaper and tell them your results and see if they will put something in the paper to highlight the event. If you would like some help with this, please email me directly (

Keep Kicking! Daniel Boyle Education Director

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