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IFPA Membership Director Duties

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The IFPA Membership Director is appointed by the IFPA Executive Director. Once appointed, the appointment must be approved by majority vote of the IFPA Board of Directors. The length of the term for IFPA Membership Director is not defined.

The IFPA Mebership Director is expected to:

  1. Act as a liason between the general membership and the board of directors, fielding questions and settling disputes where possible.
  2. Respond in a timely manner to emails from the members or public regarding memberships, joining/renewals, and membership privileges.
  3. Coordinate with Sanctioning Director in processing new memberships and sanctioning tournaments and festivals.
  4. Serve on the IFPA Sanctioning Committee. The processing of new memberships is currently handled by the membership director but will soon be the responsibility of the event director who sanctioned the event. In this case, the Membership Director can provide support to the event director for adding/renewing members who participated in the sanctioned event.
  5. Develop and document membership programs, e.g. benefits for members at various levels (see new membership structure for a good start), and help implement them both online (either technically or by directing someone technical) and offline (e.g., programs and services for members).
  6. Coordinate and send a quarterly membership newsletter (via e-mail and/or forum and/or special IFPA members section).
  7. Attend board meetings (usually via phone about once a year). Vote on ballots put forth by and for the Directors.
  8. Be a positive advocate for IFPA.
  9. Occasionally peruse various footbag forums and contribute to discussions about IFPA and IFPA membership.
  10. Be an IFPA Tier 2 Member during the term.
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