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Footbag Hall of Fame: 2000 Inductees

31. Jim Caveney

Jim Caveney - 'JimmyC'
  • When did you see your first Footbag?
  • Your own personal comments and notes?
  • Major achievements?
    • Jimmy aka "Sir Grace" - was a 1981 charter member of 1st NHSA instructor's camp. A 1983 Team Freestyle Champion, a 1985 Team Freestyle Champion, and a 1986 Men's Overall World Champion. A NHSA member, a WFA Tour Team member and staff member 1984-1987. Co-Chairman of IFC 1986/1987. Inventor of 'JimmyC' Net Sets, used worldwide for the sport.
  • The sports future?

Jimmy Caveney 02.jpg Jimmy Caveney 03 w Constance Constable.jpg Jimmy Caveney 04.jpg Jimmy Caveney 05.jpg

32. Scott Cleere

Scott Cleere
  • When did you see your first Footbag?
    • I was first introduced to footbag by Mark Paulin at the University of Northern Colorado in 1979.
  • Your own personal comments and notes?
    • Occupation: 2002 - Current: Tennis Professional, Business owner: 1992 - current - Creative Athletics-presenter/consultant/sales for footbag, alternative sports, international games and circus arts. My home is in San Luis Obispo, CA. I was born on October 10, 1957.
  • Major achievements?
    • Scott was a NHSA member 1982-1988. National Hacky Sack Touring Team (82-83)
    • WFA Tour Team member in U.S. and Europe (international travel promoting footbag in Europe, Canada, SE Asia and nationally in 30 states)
    • 1983 Mike Marshall Award
    • 1983-1990 Co-director of the Intermountain Footbag Championships, Ft Collins, CO
    • 1984 Doubles Distance One Pass World Champion
    • 1984 Co-founder Colorado Foot-Boltz performance and competition footbag team
    • 1985 Ft Collins, CO - Guinness Record holder for the largest circle kicking a footbag with 862
    • 1985 Team Freestyle European Champion
    • 1986 WFA World Team Freestyle Champion
    • 1986 Mixed Doubles World Champion
    • 1986 Singles Net World Champion Finalist
    • 1987 WFA World Team Freestyle Champion
    • 1987 Singles Net Champion European Footbag Champion
    • 1988 European Singles Net Champion
    • 1991-current Founder of Creative Athletics to teach and promote the game in schools. I still perform at school assemblies, teacher workshops and physical educations conferences nationally.
  • The sports future?
    • My vision for the future of footbag is that it will continue to thrive as an alternative sport, for kids and adults that are drawn to sports that are unique and rely on grass roots promotion. Always keeping an eye on and striving for professional development and careers for the players and promoters to keep the spirit of the game in tact.

Scott Cleere 02.jpg Scott Cleere 03 w Beal Bethurum.jpg Scott Cleere 04.jpg

33. Tricia George

Tricia George
  • When did you see your first Footbag?
  • Your own personal comments and notes?
  • Major achievements?
    • Tricia, is a Footbag Sport Legend, since 1983 she won over 50 World Championship titles in all events, and including 8 Women's Overall titles. Guinness World record Holder in Doubles Consecutive Kicks: 132,011 !! + Women's Doubles Consecutive kicks ! Teacher, Promoter, IFC member.
  • The sports future?

Tricia George 02.jpg Tricia George 03.jpg Tricia George 04 w Jody Welch.jpg Tricia George 05 w Jody Welch.jpg

34. David Robinson

David Robinson
  • When did you see your first Footbag?
    • I saw my first Hacky Sack in the summer of 1979. My best friend, Paul Dieter, brought one home from college. Dave lived in Boise Idaho at the time and it took about a month before he was addicted. It was difficult and discouraging at first, and took a few completed passes in a circle to get him excited. I was playing competitive tennis at the time, but gave it up to play competitive footbag.
  • Your own personal comments and notes?
  • Major achievements?
    • My accomplishments include being 6 time runner up World Champion in singles. A 3 time winner in mixed doubles with Tricia Sullivan. A 1 time winner doubles distance one-pass with Scott Cleere. I developed Kanga Footbags. I toured over 500 schools in Japan, Europe and the US. Toured South Dakota with Peter Shunny, and ate veggie sandwiches out of the grocery stores.
  • The sports future?
    • I think it's had it's chance to go mainstream and didn't. It will always be a fun, alternative sport for people who appreciate cooperative activities. A few of the wiser ones will see its use in training for other sports and physical fitness. The freestylists will continue to enjoy cult worship and participation. I think it will maintain its present popularity and status as a unusual sport/hobby.

David Robinson 02.jpg

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