I am an avid freestyle footbag player, and the founder of the Footbag League of Orange County (FLOC).

A Brief History of Shesha...

I was born in Canada (Ontario) on Oct. 9, 1977. I was raised from age 4 until age 10 in the Hare Krishna Movement, in New Vrindavana, an ISKCON farm community in northern West Virginia.

At 10, I moved to Berkeley, California for a year, and then to Southern California where I now reside. I am now an English major at Cal State Fullerton.

The Shesha FAQ:

Here are the most common questions put to me:

How do you pronounce your name?
Okay. It's not "shee'-sha", but rather "shay'-sha".

What does your name mean?
Shesha Naga is a Hindu demi-god depicted as a thousand-hooded serpent. Vishnu, the Vaishnava Hindu supreme being, sits in the coils of Shesha Naga.

What's the deal with the necklace?
The necklace is made of a sacred wood called "Tulsi", and associates me with the Hindu religion. It's similar to wearing a cross in Christianity.

Do you still practice Hinduism?
Yes, and no. I believe in the basic philosophy taught in Hinduism, but I am no longer religious. I definitely believe in the Kama Sutra.

Do you smoke pot?
Heck no. I don't smoke anything, and I don't drink alcohol.

Are you still a vegetarian?
Yup. I've never had meat, and I never will.

So what are you into?
  • I work at "King of Cups", a coffee house in Fullerton.
  • I am really into footbag; it is my chosen sport.
  • I love Ska, Swing, and dancing. Heck yeah!
  • I am a frequent Chess player.
  • I like girls a whole lot, especially Carrie, Joy, and Chris.
  • I have an Apple Macintosh. Macs rule.