function memberValidateEntry(str,field) { if (str != "" && str.toUpperCase() == str) { alert('Please don\'t use ALL CAPS! Only capitalize what\'s necessary!!!'); field.focus(); return false; } return true; } function memberValidateAlias(str,field) { tmp = str.split('@'); if (tmp.length > 1) { alert('You should only put a member name here, no @-signs. Whatever you pick for your member name, if available, will become your e-mail address So, for example, if you pick the member name "adam", then your e-mail alias will be (and mail to will be automaticallyforwarded directly to your e-mail address listed in the E-mail field above).'); field.value = tmp[0]; field.focus(); return false; } return true; } function memberValidateEmail(str,field,isAdmin) { announce = '\n\nPlease type your *real* e-mail address so we can forward mail to you when address to your alias (below) Once your account is activated, you can conceal your real address so nobody will see it but you, and go by your address.\n\nBut you must have a real mailbox, and you must enter that address correctly here.\n\nIf your e-mail address doesn\'t work, you won\'t be able to sign in to our service.'; tmp = str.split('@'); if (tmp.length < 2 || tmp[0] == '') { alert('You didn\'t put the correct e-mail address. Please double-check and type it again else this will simply not work. '+announce); /*field.value = "";*/ field.focus(); return false; } domain = tmp[1]; if (domain == '') { alert('You can\'t use as your permanent e-mail address. '+announce); /*field.value = "";*/ field.focus(); return false; } tmp = domain.split('.'); if (tmp.length < 2 || tmp[0] == '' || tmp[1] == '') { alert('Your e-mail address is not right. You need to give an address of the form (or another domain). Please be extra sure you type it right here. '+announce); /*field.value = "";*/ field.focus(); return false; } if (!isAdmin) { alert('Your e-mail address is the most important way we can identify you, so please be absolutely sure it is right.\n\nClick the OK button now, and then check for any misspellings in your e-mail address before continuing! (Thanks.) '); field.focus(); } return true; }