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is the IFPA necessary for footbag?
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Eric Chang (acommoncold)
IFPA Member

Joined: 01 Sep 2006
Posts: 33
Location: San Jose, CA, USA

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In my point of view, I think the IFPA is NOT needed for footbag, but if we want to further the sport of Footbag to become well known then we DO need a governing body to be legit.

As for circle kicking, I still circle kick with a crochet footbag because its fun and a good way to get other people to play. But that doesn't mean I go running up to other "hackysackers" and telling them what to do. If they don't mind me freestyling I do it and keep my runs short.

The fact that you say we do not need the IFPA is pretty, interesting. Because without (owned by IFPA), I would have never found this site and thus learned to freestyle. Just because you hate freestyling, doesn't mean the rest of the "circle kickers" hate it too.

in fact Moir, and O'Wheel found this site and both saw the Ryan Mulroney 2001 championship video. Thus two great players were born, and then some.

As for you scene in Europe being tiny, actually it is not. Look at how many tournaments are in Europe compared to the US. How do you explain that Europe holds the majority in the top ten freestylers? I think you have got to look that over again.

As for respect? I do not footbag for respect. I footbag because I love the sport and I love trying out new tricks. IF they don't respect me I could care less, they are not going to dictate my life or what I like. Nor do I footbag for the chicks, since my friend came running to me telling me how the girls he was standing with were impressed. My footbag friend and I shrugged andkept playing. Why? Because we weren't good, and we knew we were beginingers nothing to be impressed with. So we kept playing and playing, and now we're both tiltless near guiltless.

As for forums on circle kicking, I agree, how much can you truely talk about circle kicking? I can understand the interest. But as stated probably a hundred times already. what are you going to talk about? Oh I did a "jester" and um... " I passed it to the next guy, and he kicked it like four times and passed it on to the other and we got hack!" OH WOW HOW TOTALLY INTERESTING!!!!!! <sarcasm>

So I hope I answeared your questions
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