We're Sorry

Unfortunately, footbag.org is experiencing a major outage, affecting all systems except email for the next few days. IFPA and the admin of footbag.org apologize for this outage, but it is unfortunately beyond our control at the moment, and we are working very hard to restore the service for our avid community of footbag players, supporters, and aficionados.
The cause of this outage is a major hardware failure affecting our primary server machine; this has unfortunately resulted in a very large amount of work for our 100% volunteer admin (Steve) who is working tirelessly night and day to restore service. Until Steve is able to get the system back up in a usable form, please be patient. If you are a tournament organizer or player for a tournament this weekend, we apologize but you will need to revert to manual registration. Organizer(s), please contact Steve to see if he can get you any information at all. Players, if you wanted to register for an event, please just email the organizers.
Again, we apologize for the problems, and hope to have service restored within a day or two. We will likely, however, lose a few weeks'-worth of data, so any changes you made on footbag.org will likely be lost. :-( Thanks for your interest in footbag and in footbag.org; please visit us again soon.
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